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What is Voice Biohacking

Get to Know Us and Our Philosophy



Discover the Power of Your Voice


Meet Juliana Andreeva, the Founder of the Voice Biohacking Method and vocal mentor to celebrities and forbes-listed individuals. As a multi-talented professional, Juliana wears many hats - from being a gifted musician and singer to an esteemed voice and speech coach, voice recording producer, and musical producer.

In 2015, Juliana founded her vocal studio, where she has since designed and implemented over 70 educational programs. Her expertise has attracted an impressive clientele, including CEOs, celebrities, bloggers, and professional singers. Her impact doesn't stop there - Juliana has expanded her reach through her online academy, app development, international collaborations and by hosting transformative group events and presenting at conferences such as the BiohackingCongress.


Neurological Health & Performance

Her journey towards discovering the depths of the human voice neurophysiology and voice therapy began with her own challenges in vocal development. Determined to find a solution after facing personal disappointment with 26 different voice coaches, Juliana delved into extensive research. Her breakthrough came when she realized that integrating the principles of neurology, kinesiology, osteopathy, and psychology could unlock hidden vocal potential. This realization led her to develop a unique method, meticulously backed by medical research, enabling individuals with no prior voice training to develop their skills remarkably quickly, while making profound connections between the voice and the nervous system.  

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Neurological Health & Performance

Through our mindful methodologies, we will guide you to consciously regulate your nervous system by stimulating the vagus nerve through different expressions of your voice, in combination with breathing practices, and other relaxing techniques.


We take high stress individuals and individuals who want to feel their best through our programs, by guiding them to use their voice as a biohacking tool. 

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