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We Help Professionals


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We help professionals release stress through vocal therapy


If you want to release stress and negative emotions

If you are experiencing throat tension and desiring to liberate your voice

If you are advancing in your career and looking to embrace leadership skills through your voice

If you are running social media and would like to be open and authentic with your audience

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Meet Juliana, a voice coach and author of the Voice Biohacking Method

  • 15+ years in vocal therapy

  • Saint Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov graduate

  • Founder and leader of an international online vocal school with <10,000 students from 16 countries

  • Clientele: CEO's celebrities, singers, and top executives

How the Voice Biohacking Method Works

  • The Voice Biohacking method is a fusion
    of neurology, kinesiology, osteopathy, and
    psychology principles.


  • Our method blends expressive vocal
    techniques, breathwork, and relaxation
    programs for a transformative journey.


  • A healthy nervous system free of stress optimizes cognitive function, which is critical for decision-making, management, and strategy.

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Meet The Team

Our professional team has combined unique expertise in psychology, neurophysiology, music, mental health, and Edtech

Our Formats Of Work

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Our team of professional voice coaches works with individuals and groups worldwide. Currently, we are present in 20+ countries and have trained over 10,000 clients.


Group Workshops

Check out the schedule of our upcoming events



We provide corporate training sessions for executives and teams, both online and offline. Our unique approach helps improve employee productivity, focus, and stress relief.

Benefits of Vocal Therapy

Whether you're high-stress individual or simply seeking peak performance, let your voice become your biohacking ally.

Release suppressed emotions, stress and anxiety

Improve mental clarity, focus, and productivity

Adjust the tone of your voice and speak with authority and confidence

Relax jaw, throat and thyroidess and anxiety

Overcome the fear of public speaking

Learn how to sing


What Our Clients Are Saying

John D.

“Voice biohacking has completely transformed my life. Thanks to the expert guidance of the team at Voice Biohacking, I have been able to unlock the full potential of my voice and achieve things I never thought possible. Highly recommended!”

Sarah T.

“I cannot recommend Voice Biohacking enough. Juliana and her team helped me to unlock my cognitive potential and achieve my goals. If you are interested in cognitive enhancement, Voice Biohacking is the place to go.”

Mark W.

“I was skeptical about voice biohacking at first, but after working with the team at Voice Biohacking, I am a true believer. Their approach is grounded in the latest neuroscientific research, and their team of vocal experts is second to none. If you want to enhance your brain function, Voice Biohacking is the way to go.”


Learn About the Power of Voice Biohacking

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